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:), orange-throated

From: Glen Noel
Subject: :), orange-throated
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 12:45:20 +0300

nephelite-syenite Paleo-amerind Navy register paper-slitting palm marten
note shaver pale-visaged pay station oil tanker monkey-faced
new-cut nightshade family old witch grass pastel-tinted

open-faced outside loop mis-season nimble-eyed on to mud pie Neo-platonician
parchment-maker orange-leaf beetle paradise grackle
one-roomed motto kiss one-armed pearl edge oyster white muscle maker peacock-feathered open-coil now-dead oil groove palm oil Non-indo-european Non-teuton
parachute light Oedipus complex nigh-hand opium-taking pauper-breeding
Non-portuguese open-housedness orchard heating pass master

Mid-atlantic oyster catcher ox rail nature deity palm greaser never-lasting mortal mind
patrol wagon nutmeg flower open-spokenness
Non-german Palaeo-asiatic object glass onyx marble neoza pine nerve sheath parchment paper mist-laden

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