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Couple minor tramp bugs

From: Jeff Costlow
Subject: Couple minor tramp bugs
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 11:27:53 -0700

I'm running tramp 2.1.6 on the latest cygwin emacs 21.2.1.

I have encountered a couple problems.  The first is that emacs does not
have file-remote-p (apparently Xemacs does?)
Adding the following line to my .emacs solves the problem.  I'm sure
there is a better solution.

;;; emacs does not have file-remote-p, but it's apparently required by
(defun file-remote-p (filename)
  "emacs stub function"

I also was not able to M-x revert-file.  This is apparently caused by
the tramp-cache-before-revert function that defines a nil localname, and
then uses it.  It seems to be better off when it uses bfn.

--- tramp-cache.el      2006-08-02 11:03:07.570130600 -0700
+++ tramp-cache.el~     2006-07-28 08:30:37.636923900 -0700
@@ -149,17 +149,17 @@
 (defun tramp-cache-before-revert-function ()
   "Flush all Tramp cache properties from buffer-file-name."
   (let ((bfn (buffer-file-name))
        ;; Pacify byte-compiler.
        v localname)
     (when (and (stringp bfn)
               (tramp-tramp-file-p bfn))
       (with-parsed-tramp-file-name bfn nil
-       (tramp-flush-file-property v bfn)))))
+       (tramp-flush-file-property v localname)))))
 (add-hook 'before-revert-hook 'tramp-cache-before-revert-function)
 (add-hook 'tramp-cache-unload-hook
          '(lambda ()
             (remove-hook 'before-revert-hook
 ;;; -- Properties --

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