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From: Sara Tatum
Subject: audible
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 14:49:38 -1000

Horses stood motionlessin the middle of the road, like ghosts, listening. Freed once, she wanted a new freedom, silvery and paradisicalin the atmosphere. The crowd on the wharf gone tiny in the sun, and meltingaway as the ship turned. Youd think to hear him he was nothingbut a tea-pot brewing metaphysical tea. And here andthere the gold bushes of wattle with their narrow dark leaves. You wouldnt give in toKangaroo, and hes dead now. And now this blackness, thisslew of water, this noise of hellish elements. On the leftwas Manly, where Harriet had lost her yellow scarf. A great grey bird, a crane, came downon wide soft wings softly in the marshy place. And here andthere the gold bushes of wattle with their narrow dark leaves. She never morepassionately identified herself with it as at first. Richard found he never wanted to talk to anybody, neverwanted to be with anybody. Richard thought of the snaky Praxiteles horses outside theQuirinal in Rome. These three days of dark wetness, slew, and wind finished her. And with it all, toiling on with civilisation. Harrietwould not go down to the sea any more. Lovat watched till he could see the dark of the mountain, far away,behind Coo-ee. Youll get the devils turning on you if you try toomuch freedom. I wont go backon that, Jaz, though Kangaroo did say I was the enemy of civilisation. The disintegration of the social mankind back to itselements.

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