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From: Josephine Key
Subject: ban
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 00:10:50 +0200

It was thirty-nineyears ago and Ive niver told a living soul afore. I had a faling last night there did besomething strange in the air. They would linger there, lapped round by exquisite silence. But why on earth hadntshe got supper in the dining room? That meansshell be here for dinner, Judy! Lady Medchesters visit slipped into its proper place in theSilver Bush perspective . Bentley says everybody is a little insane on somepoints. Pat had a sudden glimpse of understanding. Everything had been the same there for years. He did be looking at the cherub andthin at me. It WILL be something totell our grandchildren . Its from the Countess of Medchester, said Pat in a hollow voice. Oh, oh, I was young Judy thin and Idlarned the trick at Castle McDermott. There wasnothing for it but the old buggy and the old grey mare. But twill take someplanning, so kape up yer pecker, Patsy, and lets be getting downto brass tacks. Well, girls dear, ye know just whatit was . But why on earth hadntshe got supper in the dining room? Judy was inher striped drugget but with a beautiful white apron starched stiffas a board. Pat was all for sailing onwith a frosty nod but Uncle Tom put a shy hand on her shoulder. Ive had too many thrills to-day to be sleepy . She was as completely at her ease as if the countesshad been a scrubwoman. Cuddleseyes wirelessed to Pat, Do you really live through things likethis or do you just die? She was atCastle McDermott hersilf whin she was a girleen and tould me allabout the ould place. So yed better be lavingit to nature, girls dear. Both of them knewit had been Ediths doings alone.

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