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From: Win Waller
Subject: pumpernickel
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 22:08:31 -0000

Only you say, Dramana, that the priests have been tothe shed. As I said, the Baas has grown quite clever all of asudden. That is quite a good plan, especially as itwill save us trouble with her afterwards. I think alsothat I am to be sacrificed with you. Then find out, for I want to learn if your conclusions agree with myown, I answered. We cannot get into theplace where the stone gate is which you would destroy. You little wretch, I said; you infernal, clever little wretch! So we went away, but I, lingering behind, examined the hole and thepin very carefully. In short, the Tree of Illusions was a monopolyof the priests. This explained everything, and really the details did notmatter. Therefore, so far as we were concerned thetask was impossible; that idea must be dismissed. As I have told you, the priests ofHeu-Heu are masters of magic, Lord. Then they are bad masters, for they have found out nothing, Iremarked indifferently. My father, I presume, Hans, I replied airily. This clay we stuck all over theflasks and the stones to a thickness of several inches. I repeated to myself with inward sarcasm as Ilay down and shut my eyes. However, I risked it and spoke to her, though doubtfully, for Idid not like the look of her. Windlasses had notoccurred to the Walloos. Come on, Hans, while the mist still lies thick; it may lift at anymoment, I added. I was the lastof our party, and as I was sliding into the hollow I took a good lookround. I mean to save that unfortunate woman, or to die in theattempt. He sprang at the fellowas a leopard springs. Is it a timeto laugh when all our plans have come to nothing? We shall not leave her, Hans, that is if things go as I hope; weshall leave someone else. Never, I think, did twotragically separated relations have a stranger meeting. Aminute later Sabeela was free and I had cut the lashings which boundher arms. The lake might come over the crest of the wall, I suggested. Hans, you are a brute to think that I mean anything of the sort, Isaid indignantly. Come on, Hans, while the mist still lies thick; it may lift at anymoment, I added.

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