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oil well

From: Julian Walter
Subject: oil well
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:46:15 -0200

The Monts had been at school there, and Kits namehad been put down automatically.
Feeling as if he had received a punch in his wind, Soamesexclaimed:What! Soames took some deepbreaths, savouring it, as one might an old wine.
It was past lunch time, but he wasnt hungry. Antagonismseemed to him, thus faced with a sort of ruin, too luxurious.
He went round to the stables and released her old dog.
For more than two hoursshe drove, hardly knowing where. She sat there very still, pretending to read. And, lying back in the car, thoroughly tired, he mused. He arrived at three oclock to hear that Fleur had gone out withthe car at ten. Its marked Great Forsyte on the tithe map. The red was prettier; but red caught the eye. Hedidnt mind what she did, if only she could get that look off herface. Therego the ships, and there is that Leviathan, whom Thou hast made totake his pastime therein. The idea of being overlooked whileinspecting his roots was unpleasant to him. Even Fleurs unlearned mind realised the stiff jobbefore anyone who took this farm.
Oh, yes; by going round the head of the coombe.
If only shewould cry, and blurt everything out! The leaves were turningalready, it would be an early fall. This field close to the sea is marked GreatForsyte!
She suddenly remembered that she hadmissed her sitting and had sent no word.

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