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Patek Philippe

From: Outvoted H. Infuriates
Subject: Patek Philippe
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 00:08:48 -0700

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Well just hold her in custody. The whole thing seemed a little foolish and pretty much of a letdown. The most widely accepted theory says that we are victims of delayed psychological disturbance that shows no evidence in childhood when it can be detected and corrected and only appears later in life. Change a League ten-star for gilden, I said, slapping the shiny coin on the counter before him. I also thought it was rather uncharitable of him since the unlucky Zina had been supporting him by practicing a trade that most women shun. He swept the pistol neatly into a drawer and relaxed a bit himself. I wasnt going back to the old muddled-head stuff. In fact he was laughing, not crying.

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