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Sample Pack

From: Larceny L. Wardrooms
Subject: Sample Pack
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 04:09:26 -0700

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A mixture of the old and new, pre-contact culture and post-contact civilization. Rough and tough the Killer who never killed! It was nothing to be ashamed of, quite the opposite in fact. When the first tentative hand reached out for my elbow I played my trump card. He handed the paper to me and I tore it to pieces. Your job was to keep me occupied so I wouldnt notice this. But what did it matter. And while were asking questions, I would like to know who you are, and bow come you seem to throw more weight around than the great Count Cassitor? Im good at playing this kind of guessing game. It took a positive effort to relax and appear indifferent.

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