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From: Tiding B. Lag
Subject: Chronoswiss
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 07:30:16 -0700

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The younger nobility leaped to their majestys defense and I showed them a thing or two about mix-it-up fighting that I had learned on a number of planets. All this meant he was due for early dissolution, and I would not be numbered among his mourners. Another stranger, dressed like the first, came up and they dragged the guard further along the hall towards me. I glanced her way and a small door was swinging open and she was gone. Somewhere behind me a heavy door opened and a wave of frigid air struck my skin. You love me for everything that I am, because we are both the same. It arrived in about three seconds, empty, and I jumped in, thumbing the roof button at the same time. And who do you think the rest of our agents are? I dont mean the bright-eyed grads of our technical schools, like the ones on my squad downstairs.

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