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No need to visit local drug store.

From: Heeding B. Yggdrasil
Subject: No need to visit local drug store.
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 04:36:22 -0700

Intercourse is more mutually-rewarding than ever. There is no tension over potential ED. No more frustration on her part, nor performance-anxiety on yours. This results in a wonderfully fulfilling physical experience, followed by intense emotional-bonding.

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There is a law of history that says weapons were invented before money. But wouldnt you be just a little bit interested if I was to tell you that one is being built today?Oh, it was beautiful to watch. I was under pressure now to act. It was also required if I were to stay out of the long reach of the Corps. He had some idea of sniffing around quietly first, trying to get a line to his political opponents. A long cloak would conceal the uniform while I left the hotel, but the gold-encrusted helmet and a brief case of papers were a problem. I put nothing beyond the Special Corps, and bugging their own ships seemed a logical precaution. That I was his benefactor and financer wasnt enough for Vulff.

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