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Re: Tramp and VMS - I know it doesn't work but...

From: Nelson E. Ingersoll
Subject: Re: Tramp and VMS - I know it doesn't work but...
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 16:25:03 -0600
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   Enabling ange-ftp by copying "3 statements" into my .emacs is hardly
the same as simply typing '(setq tramp-default-method "ftp")' in .emacs,
which is what I'd prefer doing, or using the "M-x tramp-unload-tramp"
command.  And such is especially not obvious when the documentation is
unequivocal that all I need do is "M-x tramp-unload-tramp" to completely
unload Tramp.

- Nelson

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> Nelson E. Ingersoll wrote:
>> Michael Albinus wrote:
>>> Disabling Tramp completely shall be achieved by the second
>>> recommendation "M-x tramp-unload-tramp". You might try this in case
>>> you want to apply only Ange-FTP.
>>    After looking at the Ange-FTP lisp code I found in the EmacsW32
>> (22.0) distribution I question that this recommendation will work.
>> Simply because, at least in that distribution, Ange-FTP has been
>> seriously gutted with much functionality now apparently assigned to
>> Tramp.  Specifically in ange-ftp.el I saw all the file-name parsing code
>> commented out with a note that Tramp now performs those functions for
>> Ange-FTP.
> But "all the" code is only three statements -- just copy them to your
> .emacs.  Those are the statements that actually enable Ange-FTP.
> Or am I seeing something different than you?  I'm talking about 27 lines
> after a comment "The following code is commented out because Tramp now
> deals with Ange-FTP filenames, too."
> Kai

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