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Invalid caching of connection properties?

From: Wagemans, Peter
Subject: Invalid caching of connection properties?
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:56:35 +0200

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I seem to be seeing the following
problem with tramp 2.1.6.

Tramp caches connection properties in ~/.tramp.eld. Among them, e.g.,

  ("remote-encoding" "tramp_perl_encode_with_module")
  ("remote-decoding" "tramp_perl_decode_with_module")

However, after restart of emacs and re-establishing the connection,
tramp doesn't send the scripts for these coding methods to the remote
shell. AS a result, retrieving and sending of remote files fails.

When the cache is deleted, the problem goes away (once).

Suspicion: the coding scripts are initially sent during
tramp-find-inline-encoding when the connection properties have not yet
been set:

(defun tramp-get-remote-encoding (vec)
   (tramp-get-connection-property vec "remote-encoding" nil)
     (tramp-find-inline-encoding vec)
     (tramp-get-connection-property vec "remote-encoding" nil))))

When the property is set from the cache, tramp-find-inline-encoding is
never called and the coding scripts are never sent to the remote

Workaround: set tramp-persistency-file-name to nil.

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