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Re: Couldn't parse output from `svn status -v'

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Couldn't parse output from `svn status -v'
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 22:08:15 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> Hi Michael & All,

Hi Alex,

> Another error today (tramp 2.1.8). Happens when I try to open or save file
> on remote server. My projects are under svn control.
> Could you please provide me with any hints? Any additional information
> is needed? Error appears very fast - it does not seems any of
> interactions between
> desktop and remote server is done. It just says ""Couldn't parse output from 
> `svn status -v'"
> so I enabled debug and got this:
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Couldn't parse output from `svn status 
> -v'")

I don't run svn by myself on a regular basis; just a short test with
remote files under svn control doesn't show any problem here.

Could you, please, enable trace level to at least 6, and send the
buffers *tramp/scp address@hidden and *debug tramp/scp address@hidden ?

> Thank you!

Best regards, Michael.

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