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Re: Tramp 2.1.9

From: Pete Forman
Subject: Re: Tramp 2.1.9
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 13:10:59 +0100

I'm trying to get Tramp working using XEmacs 21.5.17 on XP native,
plink + pageant 0.59, connecting to RedHat 9.2.  This had Tramp 2.0.36
but that failed in various ways which looked to be related to
incomplete remote output.

I've installed 2.1.9 plus timer-funcs.el 1.3 from the CVS xemacs-base
package.  I also needed to provide a dummy definition for
set-buffer-multibyte which is missing but unnecessary on XEmacs.

There have been a number of problems along the way but I've managed to
connect to a Solaris box and create, read and write files.  Linux
remains a problem.  The tail of a debug buffer is

11:25:56 tramp-send-command-and-read (1) # File error: "`/usr/bin/stat -c '((\"%N\") %h %u %g %X.0 %Y.0 %Z.0 %s \"%A\" t %i -1)' /home/pforman' does not return a valid Lisp expression: `((\"`/home/pforman'\") 88 25434 102 1132651180.0 1176365745.0 1176365745.0 24576 \"drwxr-x--x\" t 1967553028 -1)

The inode number (1967553028) is causing an overflow when trying to
read it as a Lisp integer.  I note that (file-attributes
"/home/pforman") in XEmacs on the Linux box gives -179930620 for the
inode number.  In other words it can handle the overflow by forcing it
into a signed number.

Pete Forman                -./\.-  Disclaimer: This post is originated
WesternGeco                  -./\.-   by myself and does not represent
address@hidden    -./\.-   the opinion of Schlumberger or           -./\.-   WesternGeco.

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