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Re: Tramp 2.1.9

From: Pete Forman
Subject: Re: Tramp 2.1.9
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 15:11:55 +0100

At 2007-04-12 15:21 +0200, Michael Albinus wrote:
For the inode number we could apply the same trick as we have
for the date: treat it as real number, and convert later. Could you,
please, check whether the appended patch works for you?

I've done the first two changes in the patch already and it seems to

Shouldn't the third change keep the high bits, resulting in something
like this?

  ;; Convert inode.
  (unless (listp (nth 10 attr))
    (setcar (nthcdr 10 attr)
            (list (floor (nth 10 attr) 65536)
                  (floor (mod (nth 10 attr) 65536)))))

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