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Re: tramp and GIT

From: André Cruz
Subject: Re: tramp and GIT
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 14:51:12 +0000

Hello Michael.

On 2008/01/05, at 10:34, Michael Albinus wrote:

Read the version information in this message:

| Emacs  : GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.12.0)
| of 2007-10-01 on samarium
| Package: tramp (2.1.12-pre)

vc-git.el has been added to Emacs on 2007-07-22 (according to the
ChangeLog). It is not part of Emacs 22.1.

Ok. I upgraded my Emacs to and now I see vc-git.el being loaded when I open the remote file. But still I get an error when I invoke vc functions:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "No fileset is available here.")
 signal(error ("No fileset is available here."))
 error("No fileset is available here.")
 call-interactively(vc-print-log nil nil)

Note that if I open the file locally the Git vc methods work fine...

Attached is the tramp log.

Thanks for the help,
André Cruz

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