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Re: tramp (2.1.11-pre); tramp: re-connect causes timeout

From: Torsten Bronger
Subject: Re: tramp (2.1.11-pre); tramp: re-connect causes timeout
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 08:35:51 +0100
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Michael Albinus writes:

> Torsten Bronger <address@hidden> writes:
>> This patch is already in the current CVS version, isn't it?
> Yep.
>> I get the same error message after a certain time of inactivity,
>> however, saving it afterwards works, and further working
>> (editing, saving etc), too.  So, the issue is not gone but much
>> less problematic.  (Before this, I had to re-start Emacs.)
> That sounds better, indeed. But we shall go to the end: Could you,
> please, send me Tramp traces with tramp-verbose of 8?

The remaining trouble turned out to be a firewall issue.


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