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Tramp shows destination hostname for proxy

From: Rajagopal Natarajan
Subject: Tramp shows destination hostname for proxy
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 14:13:33 +0530

I've added a line like the following to make all requests to a particular host go through a proxy in .ssh/config

Host <dest hostname>
ProxyCommand ssh <proxy hostname> /usr/bin/nc -w 60 %h %p

So, I need to enter password for the proxy one and then for the destination host again. SSH and SCP generally show the prompts as

Password for address@hidden:

followed by

Password for address@hidden:

Whereas tramp shows it as

Password for address@hidden:

both times. Considering the fact that a user could have two different passwds for the proxy and the destination host, this is a bit confusing.

Version details:
I'm using tramp on ubuntu hardy heron.
~$ dpkg -l | grep tramp
ii  tramp                                                         1:2.0.55-3                                             remote file access in Emacs

Please let me know if I need to provide any more details.

Thanks and Regards,

Rajagopal N

N. Rajagopal,
Visit me at
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