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Re: how to troubleshoot tramp on windows

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: how to troubleshoot tramp on windows
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 09:42:13 +0200
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Alec Clews <address@hidden> writes:

> I seem to have a different problem with plink if I use a non-standard port. 
> Plink expects the port number to be supplied  using the -P option. However 
> Tramp uses -p. Is there some way to re-configure this behaviour please?

This is fixed in Tramp's CVS already (I assume you are using Tramp
2.1.x). The "pscp" entry in `tramp-methods' must look like this:

    ("pscp"  (tramp-login-program        "plink")
             (tramp-login-args           (("%h") ("-l" "%u") ("-P" "%p")
             (tramp-remote-sh            "/bin/sh")
             (tramp-copy-program         "pscp")
             (tramp-copy-args            (("-P") ("%p") ("-scp") ("-p" "%k")))
             (tramp-copy-keep-date       t)
             (tramp-password-end-of-line "xy") ;see docstring for "xy"
             (tramp-default-port         22))

Will be available with Tramp 2.1.14.

> Thanks
> Alec Clews  

Best regards, Michael.

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