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Help! clearcase/tramp integration

From: Brian Brooks (brbrooks)
Subject: Help! clearcase/tramp integration
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 09:40:17 -0700

Currently using TRAMP to edit files.  When I SSH via plain shell (not Emacs/TRAMP) I can view, edit, etc any files... even one's mounted in the "/vob" directory.  "/vob" is the directory mounted by Clearcase that holds our repository.
When I edit files via SSH I can work fine within my home directory, but when I try to access files in "/vob"... I can't...
Buffer list looks like this:
myfile    123456    Fundamental    /ssh:server:/myhomepath/myfile
source        0        C/l                    /ssh:server:/vob-path-to-source/source
Any insight as to why I can't access these clearcase files?  Thanks!
Oh! Please reply to my email... I'm not on any TRAMP mailling list or whatnot.  Thanks!

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