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Should I use version 2.0.* or 2.1.*

From: Colin Hogben
Subject: Should I use version 2.0.* or 2.1.*
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 15:19:03 +0100
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I am trying to use tramp-mode to access some GNU/Linux boxen from emacs-22.2.1 on a WindowsXP machine. Before I try to resolve my specific problem, I want to make sure I am running the right version of tramp, and I'm a little confused:

- The documentation at is for 2.1.13 and does not mention the 2.0.* versions.

- The latest emacs (22.2.1) includes tramp, but version 2.0.57

- from the dates of (and in) the tarfiles, it seems that the 2.1 development branch was forked over four years ago, and that both branches have been updated several times since.

So which version is preferred? If 2.1.*, why does a recent emacs not use it? If 2.0.*, should not the tramp web site mention it?

Hope someone can clarify.

Colin Hogben

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