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tramp-loaddefs.el generating problem on some system

From: Yosuke YAMADA
Subject: tramp-loaddefs.el generating problem on some system
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 19:41:42 +0900

Hi, developers:

I'm using NTEmacs on Windows and MSYS shell.
Then I executed tramp's configure script but it stops saying:

> configure: regenerate autoloads
> Opening output file: no such file or directory, 
> c:/d/tmp/tramp-2.2.0/lisp/tramp-loaddefs.el
> sed: can't read /d/tmp/tramp-2.2.0/lisp/tramp-loaddefs.el: No such file or 
> directory
> make: *** [/d/tmp/tramp-2.2.0/lisp/tramp-loaddefs.el] Error 2

This problem may occur on systems on which the format of absolute pathes are
different between its shell and in emacsen.
Then, some modification below works well on my environment,
and maybe help to some emacsen users on Windozes
and might not affect others I think, but not sure.

--- lisp/       2010-10-28 14:45:41 +0900
+++ lisp/    2010-12-18 18:36:10 +0900
@@ -94,14 +94,14 @@
 $(builddir)/tramp-loaddefs.el: $(LISP_FILES)
 # XEmacs must be advised to put tramp.el definitions at the beginning.
 # We redefine `autoload-trim-file-name', therefore.
-       $(EM) -l autoload                                                   \
+       cd $(builddir) && $(EM) -l autoload                                 \
          --eval "(setq generate-autoload-cookie \";;;###tramp-autoload\")" \
-         --eval "(setq generated-autoload-file \"address@hidden")"             
+         --eval "(setq generated-autoload-file \"(concat (expand-file-name
\".\") \"/tramp-loaddefs.el\"))" \
          --eval "(setq make-backup-files nil)"                             \
          --eval "(unless (string-equal \"$(EMACS_INFO)\" \"emacs\")        \
                    (defalias 'autoload-trim-file-name                      \
                              'file-name-sans-extension))"                  \
-         -f batch-update-autoloads $(builddir)
+         -f batch-update-autoloads .
 # XEmacs uses hard coded feature `lisp-autoloads'.
        @sed -e s/lisp-autoloads/tramp-loaddefs/g $@ >address@hidden &&     \
          mv -f address@hidden $@

I often use tramp and always feel it's very powerful tool.
Thank you for maintenance.


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