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Re: tramp (2.1.18-23.2); emacs on WinXp remote access FreeBSD

From: Zhang hw
Subject: Re: tramp (2.1.18-23.2); emacs on WinXp remote access FreeBSD
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 21:53:25 +0800

2011/6/20 Michael Albinus <address@hidden>:
> Zhang hw <address@hidden> writes:
>> My emacs on 32bit WindowsXp,the remote server is FreeBSD AMD64.
>> I can't access the remote file with exact full name with path.But I
>> can't get the contents in directory for example:
>> instruction:c-x d
>> will get the return below:
>> (no match)
>> total 0
> I'm sorry, but the appended debug buffer doesn't seem to be
> complete. Could you, please, rerun the test from a fresh Emacs session,
> save the debug buffer as file, and send it as attachment of your email.
> Best regards, Michael.

Thanks for your help , Michael! I updated my emacs to version 23.3.1
yesterday , but there's the problem either. I found that there was a
"ls -ildn" command in the buffer . I tested the command on my FreeBSD
box and found the "-d" switch result this problem.
The new debug buffer is in the attachment. Could you have a look at it please.
Best regards , Zhang.

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