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Re: Accessing SMB shares extremely slow

From: Martin Apel
Subject: Re: Accessing SMB shares extremely slow
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 09:23:46 +0200
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Hi Michael,

I tried the defalias recommendation, but it did not help in any way.

I did an strace on emacs and the smbclient process, while opening a single file. What is interesting, is that smbclient seems to be much slower answering emacs than it is when run from the shell. The strace shows, that emacs is waiting for smbclient output for about 6 seconds. I invoked the exact same command "/usr/bin/smbclient //pklma/e -U apel -W intec -s /dev/null" from the shell and a get operation from the smbclient commandline returns immediately. I attached strace output.

So for some reason the interaction between smbclient and emacs is causing the problem, but I don't have the slightest
idea why.

Best Regards,


On 19/10/12 16:55, Michael Albinus wrote:
Martin Apel <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Michael,
Hi Martin

I tried this, but it didn't have any effect. Any other idea?
(defalias 'tramp-accept-process-output 'accept-process-output)

Best Regards,

Best regards, Michael.

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