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Re: OK, lets get this to work!!

From: gerald . jean
Subject: Re: OK, lets get this to work!!
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 12:12:48 -0500

Hello Michael,

unfortunately, on the thousands of computer this company owns, Emacs is
installed on two machines, my desktop and the Linux server I am accessing,
that is it!!!

If it helps and if you help me a little, maybe I could try to acces my home
PC from my PC Emacs session at work, at home I am running Ubuntu.  You
would need to tell me how to find the IP address of my home PC and any
other stuff I would need!!!

My home PC is turned off right now, hence it would have to wait untill my
next working day, i.e. Monday.


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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> a écrit sur 2012/11/22 10:41:49 :

> address@hidden writes:
> > Hello Michael,
> Hi Gérald,
> > I am a bit confused here!!!  As the first line of the file I sent you
> > have:
> >
> > ;; GNU Emacs: 23.3.1 Tramp: 2.2.7-pre -*- mode: outline; -*-
> >
> > The 2.2.7 must come from somewhere???
> That is from trampver.el I have sent to you. Wherever you have installed
> it; it is loaded by Emacs.
> > I haven't installed tramp-2.2.6,
> > only downloaded and unpacked it in "C:\Emacs" which is in the load
path.  I
> > now moved the two files you sent to "C:\Emacs\tramp-2.2.6\lisp" and put
> > that directory in the loadpath.  The ouput of the debug buffer is the
> > with the same first line.  But again I have NOT installed tramp-2.2.6,
> > is probably running the version coming with emacs-23.3 that I have.
> As I have said, you don't need to *install* Tramp 2.2.6. Unpack the
> tar-ball (you have done), and add the two files I have sent to the
> "C:\Emacs\tramp-2.2.6\lisp" directory (you have done as well), and add
> this directory to your load-path (you seem to have done this also).
> If trampver.el is placed into the Tramp lisp directory, we know that you
> are running the right Tramp version. That's all we need for the short
> OTOH, that means, that the recent Tramp version doesn't help :-(
> Well, maybe you can try to access that remote host from another machine
> with Tramp, preferred from a UNIX/Linux one. If that works, we know that
> it isn't a problem of that remote machine.
> In parallel, I will contemplate how to enable more traces that we could
> see what's happening.
> If you don't have time just now, no problem. We will continue when it is
> convenient for you.
> > Gérald
> Best regards, Michael.

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