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Re: tramp hangs decoding local file (cygwin, emacs-w32)

From: delskorch
Subject: Re: tramp hangs decoding local file (cygwin, emacs-w32)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 12:46:59 -0700 (MST)

Still hangs at "decoding local file" even with the timeout fix. But this is
looking more like a cygwin problem.

My baseline, working setup is:
cygwin 1.7.35-1
emacs 24.4.1, tramp 2.2.9-24.4
plink 0.64

Changing only emacs and tramp to the latest available in the cygwin repo:
emacs 24.5.1, tramp 2.2.11-24.5 ... plink tramp sessions continue to work
ok. And using your latest 2.2.12-pre with either setup works fine.

The trouble starts when the Cygwin system is updated. In my case, the cygwin
engine goes from 1.7.35-1 to 2.0.2-1 .. and a bunch of other stuff comes
with that which I haven't taken the time to A/B test. The point is, that
something in that update that is not emacs/tramp/plink, corresponds to the

Your 2.2.12-pre expected tests are passing on all my Cygwin setups. But the
timeout code does not unstick the hanging process on cygwin 2.0.2-1.

Thanks for looking at this from the tramp side. Sorry I wasn't more thorough
isolating the problem. 

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