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Re: please write adb+emacs beginner instructions

From: 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: please write adb+emacs beginner instructions
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017 23:00:03 +0800

>>>>> "MA" == Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:
MA> Tramp tries to support all recent versions of remote systems. If it

OK.... Instead let's talk about the manual from the point of view of an
Android user.

Currently he must dig all the way down until he finds

      5.17 Android shell setup hints

      TRAMP uses the ‘adb’ method to access Android devices.  Android devices
      provide a restricted shell access through an USB connection.  The local
      host must have the ‘adb’ program installed.  Usually, it is sufficient
      to open the file ‘/adb::/’.  Then you can navigate in the filesystem via

and hopefully stop there and try it and that is all he needs to know!

First, I would retitle it to:

      5.17 Android

Then I would move it way into the front of the manual, not buried on

Then after "...Then you can navigate in the filesystem via‘dired’." I
would add:

"That's all you need to know. All you need is (require 'tramp) in your
~/.emacs file and you can disregard the entire other contents of this
manual and happily use tramp with Android!"

If instead he reads any or all of the following, he will have his head
spinning and give up long before he reaches the Android section.

* Connection types::            Types of connections to remote hosts.
* Inline methods::              Inline methods.
* External methods::            External methods.
* GVFS based methods::          GVFS based external methods.
* Default Method::              Selecting a default method.
                                  Here we also try to help those who
                                  don’t have the foggiest which method
                                  is right for them.

(Not for Android users. One look in the above section and they will
commit suici...)

* Default User::                Selecting a default user.
* Default Host::                Selecting a default host.
* Multi-hops::                  Connecting to a remote host using multiple hops.
* Firewalls::                   Passing firewalls.
* Customizing Methods::         Using Non-Standard Methods.
* Customizing Completion::      Selecting config files for user/host name 
* Password handling::           Reusing passwords for several connections.
* Connection caching::          Reusing connection related information.
* Predefined connection information::
                                Setting own connection related information.
* Remote programs::             How TRAMP finds and uses programs on the remote 
* Remote shell setup::          Remote shell setup hints.
* Android shell setup::         Android shell setup hints. <-------------Ahhh 
finally, gasp
* Auto-save and Backup::        Auto-save and Backup.
* Windows setup hints::         Issues with Cygwin ssh.

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