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Re: please write adb+emacs beginner instructions

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: please write adb+emacs beginner instructions
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017 17:23:37 +0200
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積丹尼 Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:

> OK.... Instead let's talk about the manual from the point of view of an
> Android user.


> Currently he must dig all the way down until he finds
>       5.17 Android shell setup hints
>       ==============================
>       TRAMP uses the ‘adb’ method to access Android devices.  Android devices
>       provide a restricted shell access through an USB connection.  The local
>       host must have the ‘adb’ program installed.  Usually, it is sufficient
>       to open the file ‘/adb::/’.  Then you can navigate in the filesystem via
>       ‘dired’.
> and hopefully stop there and try it and that is all he needs to know!

He shouldn't. "4.3 External methods" is all what he needs to know in the

> First, I would retitle it to:
>       5.17 Android
>       ==============================

This section is not intended to describe how to connect via
"/adb::". Rather, it describes how to connect to an Android device via
"/ssh:host:", if an ssh daemon is running on the device. The first
paragraph is just meant as "Most people do it via "/adb::", but I show
you another way". And for that other way, some additional settings are
needed, which are not related to the "/adb::" way. Therefore, I believe
the title is correct.

> Then I would move it way into the front of the manual, not buried on
> 5.17.

Yep. Section "4.3" Whre else?

> Then after "...Then you can navigate in the filesystem via‘dired’." I
> would add:
> "That's all you need to know. All you need is (require 'tramp) in your
> ~/.emacs file and you can disregard the entire other contents of this
> manual and happily use tramp with Android!"

Btw, even (require 'tramp) is not needed. Proper autoloads shall do the job.

> If instead he reads any or all of the following, he will have his head
> spinning and give up long before he reaches the Android section.
> * Connection types::            Types of connections to remote hosts.
> * Inline methods::              Inline methods.
> * External methods::            External methods.
> * GVFS based methods::          GVFS based external methods.
> * Default Method::              Selecting a default method.
>                                   Here we also try to help those who
>                                   don’t have the foggiest which method
>                                   is right for them.
> (Not for Android users. One look in the above section and they will
> commit suici...)

"Connection types" is what is needed. Like for any other connection
method. Users accessing a remote MS Windows machine via
"/smb:address@hidden:/share" must go there as well. Much more
complicate than "/adb::", btw.

I agree that the Tramp manual shall be more explicit where to find
what. But this not not only for Android users. Proposals welcome!

Best regards.

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