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Re: Clicking on any Emacs menu calls Tramp, pauses(hangs)

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Clicking on any Emacs menu calls Tramp, pauses(hangs)
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 09:45:17 +0200
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yary <address@hidden> writes:

Hi yary,

> I ran tramp-cleanup-all-connections and set debug-level to 6, but I am
> NOT including the debug traces here because it does not show anything
> about the call stack. For this issue, I'm not interested in Tramp's
> behavior/timeout- I want to find out what is trying to check a remote
> file, and fix that. What's a good way to debug that? Can I have Tramp
> show the stack trace when it's being called?

Set tramp-verbose to 10. In case of an error or quit, it shall trigger a
backtrace in the Tramp debug buffer. It's undocumented in the Tramp
manual; maybe I shall give it an entry.

> ("/sudo:address@hidden:/private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf" 9311 8236 1
> nil nil 8236 (overwrite-mode))
> ("/sudo:address@hidden:/private/etc/apache2/other/mySite.conf" 505 555
> 1 nil nil 505 (overwrite-mode))
> How can I make sure that tramp entries like the above in
> "session-file-alist" don't cause problems- or where's a better place
> to ask?

Don't know, I don't use session lists. See, whether you find something
useful in the backtrace. If it doesn't help, I could try to debug,
provided you could give me a recipe how to reproduce.

> Thanks, in advance!
> -y

Best regards, Michael.

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