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Question about remote path.

From: Ergus
Subject: Question about remote path.
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 23:38:47 +0100
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I use tramp to edit and review code in clusters but I am dealing with
some issues and I don't find a convincing answer in
google/stackoverflow/tramp-manual, so it is better maybe to ask you.

1) I have some applications in a non default remote path (gtags, rg,
git) and these can be used from some emacs packages like counsel. The
path is different for every server I touch. What's the canonical method
to modify the tramp-remote-path depending of the remote server I am
connected to? Or where in the remote server I should modify the PATH in
order to help tramp to find them.

I tried adding the path in the ~/.profile as:


export PATH

But this didn't work. The tramp manual explains to set the
tramp-remote-path, but what should we do when we have multiple servers
to access constantly? May I use some if in list? whats the variable to
compare in that case?

Is it possible to use one of the alist in the documentation, or there is
something missing in the .profile code?

2) One a bit more complex:

Normally some servers use modules and I need to load them before
compiling a file for example or execute a specific : M-x

Do you have any suggestion for this workflow??

Thanks in advance

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