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Re: rclone on MS Windows (Re: tramp (; Copy-paste of folder f

From: Bruno Barbier
Subject: Re: rclone on MS Windows (Re: tramp (; Copy-paste of folder from Windows machine to Linux server does not work)
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 23:29:53 +0200

Hi Michael,

Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Bruno,
> Well, 'rclone mount' has a horrible performance. It was simple to
> implement in Tramp (that's why I did it this way), but sometimes I think
> I shall replace it.

I understand, and I'm sure it's very useful for many people.

Reading the documentation about 'rclone mount', I personnaly prefer to
stay away from this though (corrupion, truncation, ...); rclone looks
great, but the 'mount' command just scares me.

> Unfortunately, I lack free time. But maybe it will happen, and you could
> use it on MS Windows as well.

Don't worry, if I needed it that badly, I would just write a patch to
make it work (asking for your help most probably).

In my opinion, keep focusing on Linux and free/libre software
(... except if you would have fun mapping any file paths to MS-DOS
floppy letters, which 'rclone mount' requires you to do on MS Windows

In other words, I'm officially NOT asking you to loose any time on
making it work on MS Windows :-)


>> Bruno
> Best regards, Michael.

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