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Re: Copy-paste of large files from Windows to Linux - base64 issue?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Copy-paste of large files from Windows to Linux - base64 issue?
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 16:14:00 +0100
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Guillaume Demeyère <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Michael,

Hi Guillaume,

> So I installed tramp 2.4.3 from GNU ELPA and re-did the same test
> (without setting tramp-chunksize). The log gets huge and I am getting
> lost in it. Here it is.

Well, the log tells us that my suspicion is right: a problem in

> 15:29:32.075647 tramp-send-string (10) # 
>   backtrace()
>   tramp-signal-hook-function(file-error ("Writing to process" "Invalid 
> argument" #<process *tramp/plink nxuser@vdemopro892dsy*>))
>   process-send-string(#<process *tramp/plink nxuser@vdemopro892dsy*> "base64 
> -d -i >/home/nxuser/Documents/1.bundle.js <<'2a093387460512545bda27067c56b2df'

Don't worry about the Tramp functions in the backtrace; I have simply
hooked tramp-signal-hook-function into *any* error in order to get the
information. The error comes from process-send-string.

No idea what this "Writing to process" "Invalid argument"
means. Obviously, the argument it whines about is a process object,
which looks proper to me. Maybe the process has died, due to buffer
overflow, or whatever?

Could you, pls, rerun the test with Tramp 2.4.3, and tramp-chunksize set
to 1? It will be slow, but I want to see, whether it works.

In parallel, I'll check whether I could find something about the error
message. Neither process-send-string, nor Emacs on MS Windows, is
something I'm familiar with, unfortunately.

Btw, does this error happen always, or only for huge files? Does it also
happen when you run "emacs -Q"?

> Regards,
> Guillaume

Best regards, Michael.

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