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Re: ssh through a bastion

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: ssh through a bastion
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2020 15:07:28 +0100
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Jordi Inglada <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Michael,


> Here's the file with the debug traces from the conection.

Thanks. Hmm, it isn't such simple. Tramp sends the password twice, as

> 12:30:55.389916 tramp-process-one-action (5) # Call €tramp-action-password€
> 12:30:55.390223 tramp-action-password (3) # Sending password

> 12:30:56.032796 tramp-process-one-action (5) # Call €tramp-action-password€
> 12:30:56.033032 tramp-action-password (3) # Sending password

This is due to the two password requests during your login:

> 12:31:32.087655 tramp-process-actions (6) #
> Gateway authentication and authorization
> Please specify the requested information
> Gateway password:
> address@hidden's password:
> Last login: Sat Feb  1 11:46:34 2020 from

However, Tramp doesn't distingush the password prompts. It recognises
them due to the tramp-password-prompt-regexp regexp, that's it.

People tend to keep wrong passwords. Therefore, Tramp remembers,
whether it has send a password already once, and the next time it does
not check auth-sources for a cached password. That's why you're asked
again and again for it, interactively.

What you could do is to suppress this mechanism. Something like
(completely untested!)

(require 'tramp)
(defalias 'tramp-clear-passwd 'ignore)

This might have undesired side effects, for example caching wrong
passwords. But it is worth a try.

> Garjola.

Best regards, Michael.

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