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Shell-quoting issue for sshx/scpx on MS Windows

From: Jim Porter
Subject: Shell-quoting issue for sshx/scpx on MS Windows
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 20:28:45 -0700

In TRAMP, the sshx and scpx methods were changed to use RemoteCommand for specifying, well, the remote command to run (see commit aaffd34492ea6168cc47c469799ac87aa5c052a9[1] for the actual change). However, this was specified as RemoteCommand='%l', which fails on MS Windows systems since they only allow shell-quoting via double quotes.

I've confirmed locally that changing to double quotes, i.e. RemoteCommand="%l", makes everything work correctly. Obviously that isn't what you'd want on a *nix system, but even on MS Windows, I imagine this would fail for multihop cases (e.g. MS Windows -> Linux -> Linux). There might also be further issues with quoting if the %l placeholder is generated with sh-style quotes, but I haven't encountered any problems like that.

- Jim


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