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Re: How to avoid the user triggering "Forbidden reentrant call of Tramp"

From: Hendrik Tews
Subject: Re: How to avoid the user triggering "Forbidden reentrant call of Tramp"?
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2021 21:28:49 +0200
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> I will try to implement something like this, and likely I will ask you
> to test in your environment. Would this be OK?


However, I am still investigating to pinpoint the problem more
precisely. I am pretty sure now that file-attributes is not the
problem. I artificially delayed stat on the remote end such that
I was able to start different foreground actions with defined
interleaving when file-attributes was called from a sentinel. It
appears that Emacs is blocked completely during file-attributes,
such that it is impossible for the user to trigger anything. This
rules out the scenario that I described in the previous message
for file-attributes. I haven't checked delete-file, but I have
hints that file-truename is problematic. Maybe there is a simpler
fix by ensuring that the remote actions inside file-attributes
block Emacs?

Best regards,


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