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Re: Tramp never unmounts sshfs volumes

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: Re: Tramp never unmounts sshfs volumes
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 05:32:09 -0700

Michael Albinus <> wrote:

>     The sshfs mount could exist already, or not. That's why the
>     cleanup does not unmount the sshfs connection unconditionally.

I see the following ways of dealing with multiple Emacs processes
sharing an sshfs mount:

1. Never unmount when closing the connection.  This is what Tramp does now.

2. Always unmount.  This might make it hard for Tramp to determine whether
the mount was present still or not.

3. Unmount if this process did the mount.  This is your idea of an
"unmount on cleanup" bit.  As with case 2, if this process did not do
the mount, Tramp would have to handle an unexpectedly closed connection.

4. Every Emacs uses its own mount point.  Multiple mount points could
still share an ssh connection but would no longer share the sshfs cache.
This option seems the simplest and cleanest to implement.

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