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Re: Multihop SSH

From: Novak Boškov
Subject: Re: Multihop SSH
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2022 17:06:36 -0500
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Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your help and your work on Tramp!

    Novak Boškov

On 1/30/22 13:39, Michael Albinus wrote:
Novak Boškov <> writes:

Hi Michael,
Hi Novak,

I believe that the text in the echo are is misleading ("Passphrase for
/ssh:me@myotherhost:"). A better option might, perhaps, be that
original message from *tramp/ssh me@myotherhost*.
The idea is, that Tramp says "password" when a password for a given host
is needed, and it says "passphrase" when the key for accessing a given
host is used. But I acknowledge that it isn't always obvious what is
meant, likely I will follow your recommendation. I'll keep you informed.

Best regards, Michael.

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