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[Accessibility] Re: [VINUX] Linux Voice Recognition and a New Ubuntu Spe

From: Christian Hofstader
Subject: [Accessibility] Re: [VINUX] Linux Voice Recognition and a New Ubuntu Speaking Reader
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 08:19:37 -0400
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As most of you know, I am running around the NFB convention being a general gnuisance and insisting on waving the free software flag as much as possible. I'll have a general report sometime next week describing what we could accomplish on a shoestring budget with a small number of people.

Apropos to the titular matter of this email, though, the GNU Accessibility Initiative (GAI), is kicking off a major freee speech recognition project starting later this month after I get home and can get my mind back into a mode less surreal than what one needs to use when at a consumer convention.

There are about a half dozen different speech recognition programs in various states of development around the GNU/Linux world. Our first task is to evaluate these and determine which one we would want to build upon to take the program from a generic dictation program to a component that can be used in all sorts of software, including AT.

We have a speech recognition oriented, albeit dormant, mailing list set up for people who want to get hard core into this effort. I will suggest that, for now, people with a ore casual interest in the subject (you think it is necessary, you havve suggestions, you would like to review the procedings of the speech recognition team, etc.) please join our unmoderated accessibility mailing list (send an email to address@hidden with "subscribe" (sans quotes) in the subject line). If this gets too high volume, we can spin off a general speech reco discussion list at a later date.

So, please join the accessibility list or write to me privately about the hardcore speech-reco list and I can add you if you really want to work really hard on this specific problem.


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