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[Accessibility] Why not first an IDE that recognizes speech?

From: Susan Jolly
Subject: [Accessibility] Why not first an IDE that recognizes speech?
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:35:07 -0600

I'm a Tab.  Capital T to remind me to emphasize that at my age temporary is
very likely to be true.  I'm a retired computational scientist (numerical
solution of coupled nonlinear PDEs, etc.).  I saw the announcement for this
list as a result of my interest in braille software.

Never knew much about speech recognition before but the posts that point out
that it is REALLY HARD have convinced me.  I know really hard from an
algorithmic standpoint.  Sounds like a bad first project.

My impression is that a lot of posters here really want to be able to use
speech recognition to do software development.  Why not start with that?
Interesting important problem with IMHO a greater chance of success and
might well support the harder project both as a developer tool and as an
extensible code base.


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