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[Advocate Play Ogg] playogg site stuff

From: Berke Viktor
Subject: [Advocate Play Ogg] playogg site stuff
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 11:27:23 +0200


about this site

i have a few suggestions


When the install options present themselves, make sure that the
"Install Firefox Plugin" is selected so that you can view streaming
media in Ogg format while browsing the web.

actually it's "Mozilla plugin" in the VLC installer


the images

are in png formats, but the extensions are missing. certain
forums don't support this when using as signature (phpbb2 didn't work
for me). i see no advantage of cutting the ".png" from their filenames
but i see this disadvantage


the icons have all letters capitalized. actually the "Ogg" format is
written with two downcase g-s.



Berke Viktor

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