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[Advocate Play Ogg] Re: Advocate Digest, Vol 11, Issue 2

From: Brian Kemp
Subject: [Advocate Play Ogg] Re: Advocate Digest, Vol 11, Issue 2
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 10:33:19 -0400


This is good.  However I'm going to make one suggestion here:

Don't call names.  Use "Microsoft" and "Apple"; if you don't your
argument comes off as much more childish and less well-thought out.

c: what kind of free?

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> Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 20:49:14 -0600
> From: "Jon T" <address@hidden>
> Subject: [Advocate Play Ogg] Follow up to Stevey[dot]eu 
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> To Steve (Stevey[dot]eu),
> Thank you for your contribution.
> I would like to add a few items about Ogg. 
>   a.. There are several objective tests that can show you that "byte" for 
> "byte" that Ogg outputs superior fidelity to MP3. The best test of course is 
> the listen test. When listening, understand the better the hardware is 
> (headphones, amp., speakers  etc), the more one can hear the superior output 
> of Ogg.
>   b.. I have noticed that there have been several PC games that my kids have 
> installed where I saw .Ogg files being installed. SMART company. This 
> relieves them of any licensing fees for the distribution of their music. I 
> know all of the Lego PC games are like that and a lot more. 
>   c.. On the PC level, Ogg can be played on all audio players that I know of. 
> In my opinion, the best, latest of the he Ogg decoders and encoders can be 
> found on the Rarewares Site. . It is all free.   
>   d.. On Rarewares, there is this outrageously simple and "cute", Ogg 
> encoder/decoder front end program called oggdropXPd . 
> . 
>   There are even versions of it that are customized for 64 bit processing. 
> Adding the support "dlls", adds decoding from other formats which gives 
> oggdropXPd to encode several different formats to Ogg. 
>   e..  When shopping for a portable media player (PMP), MAKE SURE you send 
> the vendor a email or call to marketing asking them if the support Ogg. Do it 
> even if you know they don't and remind them that it is license free. The 
> pressure from Microshaft/Crapple (virtually the same company), to attempt to 
> kill of any open source software would be the reason that they won't have 
> decoders for Ogg and most likely the lossless open source Flac and Ape.  
> ALWAYS ask when shopping on the web or in retail stores and let it be known 
> that you will not purchase a unit that DOES NOT support the superior open 
> source formats like Ogg, Flac, etc.  
>   f.. There is enormous pressure put on companies to follow the "greedy brick 
> road", and do what Microshaft/Crapple want then to do. For example, to 
> support only the "W" formats and MP3 formats that are customized to include 
> the DRM virus. Fortunately DRM is  dying a slow but steady death. For 
> example, proudly displays that their audio downloads DO NOT 
> contain DRM. All DRM does is hassle the customer and limit exposure of 
> artists.  I have wrote to Amazon about including some superior open source 
> formats to give their customers a choice. 
>   g.. I personally have two Portable Audio Players made by a South Korean 
> company, Cowon/IAudio. I have the IAudio U3 and the rather spectacular Cowon 
> D2. 
>   Both of these players natively support Ogg and Flac as well as the usual 
> suspects.  Also they can be connect generically to Linux boxes to upload and 
> download their media. 
>   While Cowon is not sold in retail stores, at lease not in the U.S., the are 
> available from the Cowon web site,, (where I have 
> purchased both of my units) and loads of other large online stores.  The D2 
> is a few years news and blows out audio at 74watts and my little U3's amp 
> outputs at 64watts. My recommendations would be to look at their D2 or their 
> IAudio 7 line. I will plug in my D2 in my standalone, $58 Philips DVD player 
> to play videos, audio and photos. IT can connect to about anything and with 
> its power, it works great on other systems and of course at a personal 
> player. I am sure that there are other Portable Media Players that support 
> open source formats, it is just that overall, I like Cowon the best for audio 
> quality and flexibility. 
>   h.. We CAN create customer pressure to create changes with how we spend out 
> dollars. Make sure you let other vendors know that you want Ogg support . 
> That is on stand alone DVD players as well. 
>   i.. Last little editorial . When encoding my files to Ogg, it is important 
> to understand that Ogg works with quality settings as opposed to how MP3 
> works with bitrate settings. There are three Quality (or Q) settings that I 
> use. If the source audio is of low fidelity quality, like a podcast and 
> contains speech, OR size of the audio file is of importance, I use Q2. 
>   If I am posting some music on my web site or for general purpose use, then 
> Q4 is what I would use. 
>   Most of my encoding is done using Q6. That is what I use the most for music 
> that I listen to on my Cowon portable media players and PC. To be honest, I 
> have not been able to hear the difference between the original source or a 
> lossless format like FLAC while using Q6 and the size of the files come out 
> at a very reasonable size. 
> Jon
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