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[aspell-devel] Aspell does not compile under current GCC-CYGWIN

From: Alexis Cellier
Subject: [aspell-devel] Aspell does not compile under current GCC-CYGWIN
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:19:45 +0100

Dear mister,
I'd like to inform you that aspell does not compile under the latest released version of gcc-cygwin.
I have updated my cygwin installation and aspell does not compile whereas everything was working properly with my previous release of gcc.
Since aspell is know included in GNU do you know if there is some projetc to include it in Cygwin.
Do you know if there is a solution to get a working version of  aspell (I cannot find an old version of gcc-cygwin wich enable me to comile), or do you plan to upgrade aspell to the curent version of GCC?
Thank you for answering,
Best regards,
Alexis Cellier.

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