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RE: [aspell-devel] Ported to Solaris / Sun WorkShop 6 compiler

From: Flemming Frandsen
Subject: RE: [aspell-devel] Ported to Solaris / Sun WorkShop 6 compiler
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:34:28 +0100

James Lee wrote:
> I have tried previously to patch aspell and failed. I find the style
> of coding used in aspell most difficult - in fact it's a splendid
> example of why I prefer not to use C++!  

Heh, I thought the same, I tend to see use of operator overloading as a sign of 

I have written a lot a C++ code in different projects and it usually comes out 
ok, if you stick to writing code so it's clear what's going on, but writing 
obfuscated C++ is quite easy:)

I don't think aspell is that bad, but there are some areas that are somewhat 
more complicated than they needed to be.

> I tried your patch but it fails here:
>  CC -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../../common -I../../../common -c
> speller_impl.cpp  -KPIC -DPIC -o .libs/speller_impl.o
> "speller_impl.cpp", line 243: Error: The operand "___LZLB" cannot be 
> assigned to.

That's bizarre, the code in question is:

        if ((!check_if_valid || !c.mid_required()) // if check then 
            && check(i, word_end, run_together_limit - 1, end_pos, words + 1))
          return true; 

I can't see what could possibly be wrong with that code, the only thing I can 
think of is some sort of perverse operator overloading induced magic that goes 

Try splitting out the different parts of the expression into different lines to 
see what exact operation that causes the problem.

 Flemming Frandsen / Systems Designer

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