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[aspell-devel] Ported to Solaris / Sun WorkShop 6 compiler

From: Flemming Frandsen
Subject: [aspell-devel] Ported to Solaris / Sun WorkShop 6 compiler
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 10:05:16 +0100

Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> If that does not work (it should) than use the get method as I said.

Sorry, I got confused there, I've changed the code to use mumble.get() and it 
works ok.

> There should not be a C compiler involved you are linking one C++ 
> library with another, both of which will compiled with the same 
> compiler.

Uhm, well, the problem is that the makefile that the example program (source is 
example/example-c.c) is using the C compiler for linking (it's a C program so 
who could blame it), but that means that doesn't get linked to the 
stl lib.

That's why the build script changed CC=cc to CC=CC in the examples/Makefile

> Thats fine but please remove your "There is no good reason" comment 
> and reverse the if (ie use ifndef).  if you don't do I will so its not 
> a major deal.

Ok, done.

> There is one more thing I noticed.  What is going on with 
> string_buffer?

For some reason the symbols defined in string_buffer.cpp do not get linked into, the error I get is:

CC -g -o .libs/example-c example-c.o  ../lib/.libs/ 
ild: (undefined symbol) acommon::StringBuffer::StringBuffer() -- referenced in 
ild: (undefined symbol) char*acommon::StringBuffer::alloc(unsigned) -- 
referenced in ../lib/.libs/ 

I think there is some problem with a makefile somewhere, but I can't really 
change it, making the code inline in stead fixes the problem, I'd be happy to 
hear how to fix the problem correctly.

The strange thing is that it works fine with gcc, so it may be a similar 
problem to the one with iostreams.hpp in prog/aspell.cpp, but I really can't 
make heads or tails of the make files.

I could ifdef the change, but as the implementation is rather trivial I think 
it's valid to keep it inline in general.

> Ok I will include that.  Can I direct people too you if they have 
> question?


 Flemming Frandsen / Systems Designer

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