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Re: [Aspell-user] Using openOffice dictionary

From: Stephen Harris
Subject: Re: [Aspell-user] Using openOffice dictionary
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:06:05 -0700
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Alexandre Rodrigues wrote:
Is it possible to use openOffice´s dictonary with aspell 0.60?
Since the portuguese dictionary for aspell is very poor and openOffice´s has 1.100.000 words that i would like to use.

i´m stuck and dont have any other ideas
Does someone have any suggestions?
Alexandre Rodrigues

I've tried something similar once and it took a lot of effort.
Reading the FAQ, installing Cygwin so I could run Ispell's
buildhash, finding a word list from Moby (not Brazilian Pt.).

The dictionaries have rules. English for instance has no
~ above n's, whereas a Spanish and probably Portuguese
dictionary has specialized accent marks.

The original dictionaries used for OpenOffice have been
modified but I don't know how much... or if the rules are
enough different to cause a problem.

So my idea is to contact a developer who worked on a
Brazilian dictionary in Ispell which appears to have
been ported to OpenOffice. He may not be an active
developer anymore but may have some good advice.

translated into English
address@hidden (Ricardo Ueda Karpischek)
2.4 or  br.ispell 3.0 beta4 (25/3/2003) available

SH: Perhaps someone else on the list will have a
simple solution. If there is not a straitforward
answer, I think converting Ispell to Aspell is the
easier path to choose which points to Ricardo. I
have seen examples where a sed command is needed
to fix dictionary problems after you know what the
problem is... I've spent hours using search and
replace to strip out stuff to make one dictionary
work like another. Maybe you don't need to do any
thing that complicated but it may save time to ask
somebody with known expertise if this list doesn't
have an already experienced guru to do your task.


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