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Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)
Date: 14 Dec 2000 15:26:51 -0200
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On Dec 14, 2000, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:

> | % i586-cygwin32-gcc tmp.c
> | % ls *.exe
> | a.exe

> Yipeeeeeeee|  Hey Alexandre, did you see that!?!

Yep.  I knew about it.  I even mentioned this fact a few days ago:
GCC on MS-Windows will generate a.exe instead of a.out.  The problem
is that a.out and a.exe are outside the file name space of autoconf.
The user might well have an a.exe program in their tree that they
wouldn't want configure to overwrite/remove.

Maybe we should just rule the user shouldn't have a program named `a'
and be done with it?

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