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Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)
Date: 15 Dec 2000 06:48:11 -0200
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On Dec 15, 2000, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:

> So remain only absolute parameters (installed headers, libs etc)
> which should not be affected by conftestdir.

Someone might have some reason (stupidity? :-) to use relative
pathnames in environment variables that affect configure.  I'm not
sure we should support this case, though.

> Then, frankly, using a.out and a.exe doesn't sound that bad to me.  If
> you want we can save and restore them.

Sounds reasonable.

Anyway, it's not like such files are going to be lost forever.  If
you're running configure, it will overwrite some files in the build
tree anyway (config.h, Makefile, etc), and, if you have a.exe in the
build tree, built off your Makefile, it's probably easy enough to
rebuild it.

But saving and restoring doesn't sound bad either...

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