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Re: how to prefix definitions in config.h

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: how to prefix definitions in config.h
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:47:33 +0100

I forgot to mention, that I would like to keep the ac-macro
backward compatible, atleast for some time, sine most linux
distros still ship with autconf 2.13 as the default. Anyway,
the macro has come to be one of the most used by library
makers, so you're right, one might want to consider to add
it to the main autoconf. Well, in that case, it should be
done right and true, not just done and useful ;-) ... so it
should atleast be able to add to config.status 8-] --guido

Es schrieb Guido Draheim:
> > option already. The other problem I can see with
> > AC_CREATE_PREFIX_CONFIG_H is that it doesn't get put into
> > config.status and thus I think it would only be run once.
> ... the other problem is that the prefixing is not done during
> reconfig, and in fact, the items in my ac-macro should be appended
> to the config.status file, which I didn't bother to do so far,
> and I didn't have enough time to figure it out.
> >
> > Unfortunately when I try to use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS to get the
> > prefixing done automatically on reconfiguration, I don't know what to
> > use as the tag to always have the command run, and it only gets run in
> > the initial configure invocation.
> >
> ... and btw, of course, I do not need the intermediate config.h file
> either, I wouldn't have a problem if s.o. could come up with a macro
> reading AC_PREFIXED_OUTPUT_HEADER that would be put in the place of
> AC_OUTPUT_HEADER today - I do only ifdefs on the prefixed stuff, not
> the original config stuff, so there's no need for the intermediate
> file ;-)

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