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Re: how to prefix definitions in config.h

From: Clinton Roy
Subject: Re: how to prefix definitions in config.h
Date: 20 Feb 2002 11:53:00 +1000
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Guido Draheim <address@hidden> writes:

> ... the other problem is that the prefixing is not done during 
> reconfig, and in fact, the items in my ac-macro should be appended
> to the config.status file, which I didn't bother to do so far,
> and I didn't have enough time to figure it out.
I think this is now the crux of the problem - how to get a command to
be run by config.status every time config.h is generated - as we could
use your prefixing code, my sed script, or Russ's awk script, depending
on how we want to solve the installability problem.

AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS seems like the right hook, but I'm unsure of the
tag to use, I've seen `dummy', `default' (which actually seems to mean
something to the case statement, eww) but I've had no success; I can
get the command run by a manual invocation of configure, but not
during reconfiguration.


Clinton Roy

Meetings - ``Try, or no try; there is no do.''

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