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Re: [Axiom-developer] sourceforge/silver

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] sourceforge/silver
Date: 27 Oct 2006 20:36:28 +0200

root <address@hidden> writes:

| > What you want is not to merge branch-improvements back to trunk at
| > this moment.  Rather, you want to minimize distance as much as
| > possible.  Concretely, that means backporting some patches on silver
| > to that branch -- not the other way around.
| merging build-improvements can happen "when it is ready" and i suspect
| it will take a fair amount of give-and-take about things like documentation
| and philosophy. but i'm not suggesting we start that now.

OK.  Because, if we start now, we would be much adoo for nothing :-)

| other than the autotools items, it is in our best interest to
| make axiom--silver--1 and build-improvements identical. 

I don't follow here.  There are modifications to build-improvements
that follow from improving the build machinery, that alone do not
make much sense to me to put on silver.  But, I'm no going to tell
people not to put it there if they want to -- I just find it pointless.

| so the point of the discussion was that when we make changes they
| ought to go into the silver branch (which is the next world release)
| if they can. and the agreed-upon mechanism is to post diff patches
| against Gold to the mailing list. i don't see this happening and
| it concerns me.

Please be more specific about the patches you would like to see on
silver.  Otherwise, we are navigating in vapor.

| it raises the question of how patches should be done. 
| i believe the point of the SVN repository was that multiple
| people can create multiple branches to work on different things.

yes, I don't see anybody disagreeing with that.

| these different things would eventually be reviewed and, if accepted,
| merged into silver and then gold.

Again, I don't see anybody disagreeing with that.

| axiom--silver--1 was created to be a pre-gold version of the system
| with "early release" of changes so they can be tested.

How is this different from trunk (silver), which I have had until now.

| axiom--main--1 is the "official system"

Again, how is this related to the previous classification of dold and
silver branches that we have had until now.

I'm concerned about the multiplicity of systems and I would like to
have a clearer picture.  I thought I had one (i.e.: gold, silver, and
branches).  Now, I'm not sure anymore.

| so it seems to me that SVN branches should collect up changesets,
| post these as diffs to the mailing list
| have these applied to silver
| review, tested, and finally released as gold.

yes, when the get to be merged to silver.  That is what we agreed
upon, back to April 2006.

-- Gaby

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